Soul Eater OC concept sketch Picture

Something I drew during my very boring week of TDY while training for work. Cut off from all internet with a limited data plan on my phone, no signal, and a work laptop whose login wouldn't work, there wasn't much else to do but watch House Hunters and draw (They never go with the house I would have picked... T.T).

I recently got hooked on the series Soul Eater, and have been trying to keep myself from watching the entire series too fast. I just love the Weapon/Meister dynamic, and admittedly it's pretty damn funny. This is my attempt to fit some OCs into that universe with a limited understanding of all the finer details of the mythology.

Some rough info on the characters:

Name: Corbin
Class: Weapon (Bec de Corbin)
Likes: Wreaking havoc on quiet events, BBQ, good-natured destruction of property, arts & crafts, music, and air hockey
Dislikes: People who are more insane than he is, boredom, long stretches of silence, steamed vegetables, and taking notes
Soul/Personality: Corbin has a wildly fluctuating and inconsistent soul aura that, in truth, is much more stable that one would think. His every move seems to suggest that he is deeply unhinged, and yet there probably aren't many people more concerned with resisting the effects of madness than Corbin. He knows that he is more susceptible to it than most, and is deeply paranoid about letting it consume him completely. He depends heavily on his Meister to keep him anchored, despite the fact that he's often the one encouraging her to embrace a little chaos from time to time. He also appreciates having someone he can be fully honest with, because no one else could fully apprecioate just how much work he puts into behaving as inconsistently as humanly possible. As he puts it: "Even someone who was truly insane would statistically have repeated their actions by now."
Fun Facts: Corbin occasionally will transform just his head into the hammer portion of his weapon form and smash it onto a table like a judge's gavel when he demands attention.

Name: Shido
Class: Meister
Likes: Judo, reading, cooking, biking, hats
Dislikes: Upsetting people or being upset, heavy metal music
Soul/Personality: Shido has a very adaptive soul, capable of bonding with even the most erratic spirits. She has great empathy towards other people's souls and emotions and can sense their presence from an impressive range. Shido tends to be very quiet and distant from most people, but is eager to lend a helping hand when asked. Yet despite her demure nature, she has a hidden competitive streak for certain things where she truly has talent; the most notable of which being Judo. Shido can flip people much larger than her with surprising ease, and sometimes does so reflexively when surprised or frightened. She serves as a very calming and cohesive influence in any group she happens to be a part of, and in many ways is the only thing capable of keeping Corbin from getting too far out of line.
Fun Facts: One of the few ways to push Shido's buttons is to steal her hat, in which case she will uncork the ass-whooping of a lifetime if not returned.

Might be seeing more of these guys, possibly with some more info or revisions to their outfits. Definitely gonna stick with the weapon choice though. Bec de Corbins (Raven's Beak) are just so versatile, like Corbin himself. Smashing, Slashing, and Stabbing, all in one neat little package. ^^
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