Super Sonic Z 10 Picture


Another day at the Metropolis Zone, and Eggman has called forth his minions. “You probably all wonder why I gathered you here?” he asked.

“Oh, is it your birthday and you are throwing a celebration?” Buzzbomber asked dumbly.

“No you boltbrain. You see, lately some very expensive and valuable tech are going missing down my domain and I want to find the culprit. However I know none of you are the culprits. Slicer is too loyal, Coconuts was with me all the time, Buzzbomber is too dumb and Crabmeat was busy filling my personal toilet with explosives at the time of the theft.” Eggman explained.

“Why are you still trying Crabmeat?” Slicer asked amused.

“Because shut up!” Crabmeat groaned.

“Now, it’s up to you three to find out who the real culprit is. I want to go after him myself but I am too busy preparing my super weapon. Just make sure the thief doesn’t get in my way and get him as soon as possible!” Eggman said.

“It will be done, master!” Slicer said as he bowed. Crabmeat let out a cough that sounded a lot like “Suck-up.”

At Freedom Fighter HQ, Sally had gathered the other Freedom Fighters. “Okay everyone, we already have five Chaos Emeralds, and there are two more left. But Nicole has recently deciphered the location to the sixth Emerald. We have reason to believe it’s in the Starlight Zone.” Sally explained.

“Of all the places it had to be Starlight, ever since Eggman took over he turned it form a paradise into a place where he allows his mobster henchmen to do their dirty evil business. Mom and dad spent decades trying to jailing those mobsters when they were cops and they have free reign now.” Sonic said angered.

“I understand your sentiments, but we have to get that Emerald. It’s not going to be easy, since the mobsters hate the Freedom Fighters as much as Eggman does. Because Eggman needs them, he has given them free reign, and the mobsters’ empire has flourished since then, and I doubt they want the Freedom Fighters to take it away. Nicole?” Sally explained further.

Nicole’s face appeared in a hologram in the middle of the table: “I now show you the profiles of the Big Five, the leaders of the crime cartels in Starlight.” Nicole’s head vanished, but five pictures of mobsters appeared in its place, while Nicole explained their backgrounds: “You already know ‘the Candyman’, Armando Toof. The next is Josephe Arachne, aka ‘Don Long-Legs’, leader of the insect crime family, generically called ‘the Family’. Linsey Thorndyke, aka ‘La Dama’, leader of the Overlander mobsters. Eel Capone, leader of a mob of marine creatures, and one of the smartest criminals there are. And finally, Downtown Blackthorn Hare, arrogant, stuck-up, but dangerous.”

“Believe me, I have been chasing a mobster for most of my life and I know that they are not to be messed with. We’ll have to be really careful on this one.” Fiona stated.

“That’s why we need to go undercover. You see, one of the mob bosses is giving a birthday party for himself, and we’re going to disguise ourselves as the caterers. It’ll give us the time to investigate the mansion.” Tails said.

“Why we’d want to do that?” Sonic asked.

“Because according to my reports, the mob boss has found one of the Eternity Rings, but being unable to activate or use it, or even know what it is, he keeps it in his treasure room.” Sally added.

“Because he didn’t know what it was, he didn’t alert Eggman about it, so we don’t need to worry about Egghead finding out about it. But luckily we had a mole on the inside.” Nicole continued.

“Basically, we have to move out as quickly as possible and get the Chaos Emerald undetected. Those mobsters are aligned with the Eggman Empire, so we won’t be able to put them to justice before we take down Eggman himself, but we can leave them with a reminder of what you do when you mess with the Freedom Fighters.” Sally said.

Buzzbomber was walking through Eggman’s base, a magnifying glass in his claws and a detective hat on his head, looking around. “What the heck are you doing?” an annoyed Crabmeat asked.

“I’m looking for clues! I’m going to find the thieves. But first I’m looking for my magnifying glass, I can’t find it anywhere.” Buzzbomber replied.

“You dumb-bot, you have it in your hands.” Crabmeat scolded.

“Oh…hey you’re right, thanks, but now I’ve lost my hat.” Buzzbomber answered. How Crabmeat would have wanted to strangle the annoying dim-witted bug-bot, but he decided he wasn’t worth his time and left.

“Stupid Buzzbomber, he can’t even find a stick in the forest. Why am I even bothering looking for the thief if he steals Eggman’s tech…wait, if I find the thief, I use the tech he’s stolen to make a device to overthrown Eggman with. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet, but I’m sure it’ll be big and destructive.”

The heroes had approached the Star Light Zone, and like many other zones it was exactly the opposite what it used to be: it consisted of shady allies, ruined houses and a chaotic cityscape, making it clear the mobsters ran this place. “I don’t like wearing these costumes.” Fiona said straightening out the apron that came with her costume.

“It’s the only way we can get in the mansion undetected. No one wants to mess with the birthday party of a mobster (except for us) so we’ll be left alone.” Sally explained.

“Don’t you think they’ll notice us? We’re no real caterers after all…” Fiona asked.

“With Muttski’s cooking? Even they’ll not be able to resist the taste. And with the extra ingredients our Muttstar added, the mobsters won’t be able to disturb us during our search for that ring.” Sonic pointed out.

Down in the mansion, the five mob bosses and their most trusted henchmen were there to witness the birthday party of Don Long-Legs. “Happy Birthday!” they shouted. For a bunch of mobsters, they were very heartily towards one another.

“Thanks you! Youse the best friends a mobster could ask for.” Don Long Legs said touched. As he took a glass of wine. “To us my friends, for our glorious criminal empire!” he said as they all raised their glasses and drank from it.

Armando Toof, the ‘Candyman’ was drooling. The hippo mobster was smacked on the back of his head by a Mobian Eel, wearing a robotic suit that gave him limbs and a device that allowed him to breathe on the surface: Eel Capone. “Show some manners, I know you like sweets and you’re anxious to take a bite of the cake, but show you can act civilized.” The eel mob boss said.

Meanwhile Downtown Blackthorn Hare talked to Linsey Thorndyke, the only female mobsters. “I have heard how your husband and brother died in a gunfight with some of those accursed Freedom Fighters, my condolences.” He said as he reached out his hand.

However, a large Hispanic woman, Linsey’s bodyguard, stood in front of her. “No one touches La Dama!” she said.

At the same time, Downtown’s bodyguard, the giant hulking Mobian Bulldog jumped on front of his boss, only growling menacingly like a real dog would. “Blackjack, stand down.” Downtown ordered.

“You too, Ella. Don’t mind Ella, Downtown. She’s really protective. But thanks for your compassion. I just hope something as cheerful as this birthday party will put my mind of things.” Linsey replied.

It was then that the disguised Freedom Fighters came in with a huge cake (and the Candyman’s henchmen barely managed to keep their boss in check). Don Long-Legs blew out the candles and everyone cheered as they finally started to cut the cake.

The mobsters happily started eating the cake. However after a few minutes, they all grabbed their stomachs, shouted: “Toilet!” before they made a run for the bathrooms.

Muttski smirked as he said: “Muttski is really proud of his quick-lax cake!”

As the mobsters were all in the bathrooms, Sonic and Tails sneaked into the treasure room of the mob boss. They saw the ring on a pedestal, ready to be used. “Okay little buddy, it’s time for me to hit the Zone again, you keep a watchful eye out for me.” Sonic said.

“Sure thing!” Tails said after giving the thumbs up. Sonic used a power ring to activate the Eternity Ring and jumped through, back to the Special Zone. Tails just had to wait until Sonic came out with the next emerald. However, when Tails turned around he saw several mobsters standing there.

The group was led by Ella and Blackjack, the bodyguards of respectively Linsey Thorndyke and Downtown Blackthorn Hare. “You nosy kids have overlooked one thing: not everyone likes cake...” she said as the mobsters cracked their knuckles.

Crabmeat was looking for clues all around the Metropolis zone, but with no results so far. “Drat, if only I was as good as this thief at covering my tracks, I would have overthrown Eggman years ago…” he moaned. But then he saw a stranger in a coat on the rooftops, with a piece of equipment under his arm. “What do you know? He’s not as good as I thought he was after all.” Crabmeat said as he followed the stranger in the coat.

He followed the stranger all the way to the junkyard. “The Junkyard, how original.” Crabmeat said sarcastically as he went after the stranger. He looked at him from a distance as he saw how the stranger placed the stolen machine piece inside one of the junk piles. “I don’t see what he’s doing, he just adds more junk to the pile.” Crabmeat thought.

Crabmeat was in for a scare when the junk pile started to move, most of the junk fell down and from under the pile emerged a huge robotic creature. His lower body seems to be a reconfigured Deforestation Tank, but instead of a turret, it had a humanoid upper body with a crane claw for an arm, while the rest of the body looked familiar: “Grabber?” Crabmeat asked surprised.

“Indeed brother! After you left me out to dry when the Chemical Plant exploded, I ended up here with the rest of the junk. However, I managed to gain a friend on the inside who helped me build a new body.” Grabber explained as he tore the raincoat of his helper, revealing Buzzbomber.

“He found my remains, and I managed to hypnotize him…was easy considering his brianchip-capacity and he provided me with everything I need, while pretending to be his obnoxious idiotic self in front of you. And with my new body I’ll have my revenge on you and Eggman for leaving me behind.” Grabber said as he aimed his crane claw at him and fired a lightningbolt, Crabmeat screaming like a little girl as he dodged it.

“Ha! Missed me!” Crabmeat mocked before Buzzbomber rushed in and tackled Crabmeat. Crabmeat knocked the hypnotized Buzzbomber of him. Buzzbomber then unleashed a barrage of missiles, Crabmeat dodging most of them, but the last one hitting him. Crabmeat fired fireballs from his claws but Buzzbomber dodged in the air before using his wings to send out some very painful soundwaves, knocking Crabmeat back. “Whoa, never knew Buzzbomber of all robots could be so strong.” Crabmeat noted.

“He always was this strong, but was too stupid to use his powers properly, but with my superior intellect controlling his actions he can unleash his true potential. And he has me helping him, so you’re dead!” Grabber said as he fired lasers from his eyes, which hit Crabmeat in the chest and send him flying back. “I’m going to kill you brother! If we had a mother, she’d have liked me more by now!” Grabber ranted insanely.

Several of the mobsters rushed at Tails, but Tails used his martial skills to fend them off. He kicks one in the chest, before punching another in the chin. He jumped up, grabbed the heads of two others and bumped them into one another, knocking them out. But Tails had to dodge when Ella and Blackjack tried punching him, hitting the wall. Tails saw huge hole the two had punched in the wall, showing how strong these two were.

“Come to Ella, little fox!” Ella said as she pulls back her fist, ready to pound Tails, until a mechanical hand wraps around her wrist, and she was tossed across the room, and was knocked out cold. Tails used the moment of distraction to slam his tails against the sides of Blackjack’s head, and knowing that Tails can turn his namesakes as hard as Sonic’s spines, it felt like Blackjack was hit by two massive hammers to the side of his head and he was knocked out.

“Thanks Bunnie!” Tails said as he greeted the southern belle who just has saved his life.

“No problem, sugah-fox. I just hope Sonic returns before the mobsters have completely emptied their bowels in the bathroom.” Bunnie responded.

In the Special Zone, Sonic had passed the challenge and earned the six emerald. “Oof, I thought the other ball challenge was though, but this one with three sets of colored balls and bombs sure took the cake. But now I’ve got six, thanks Espik! See you next time for the last one.” Sonic said.

“Sorry to hand it to you, young hedgehog, but the last Chaos Emerald isn’t in the Special Zone.” Espik explained.

“What? But there were seven are they?” Sonic said surprised.

“Indeed, but the seventh one isn’t here. The seventh one was never placed in the special zone to begin with. The seventh emerald is at a different place.” Espik answered.

“Then where is it?” Sonic asked.

“I can’t tell, I can only say so much. I can only say it’s a place existing in legends. I’m sorry. But at least you got the majority of the emeralds out of the hands of the one called Dr. Eggman. Keep searching young one, and save Mobius. Good luck.” Espik said as she warped Sonic back. When Sonic warped back he was greeted by Tails and Bunnie.

“You got the emerald, another job well done!” Tails complimented.

“Yeah, but we have not time to enjoy it, we need to go before the mobsters return. And there’s something else I need to discuss when we get back to HQ.” Sonic noted.

As the mobsters finally got back from the toilet, they found the remains of the cake, with a little title card saying: ‘Happy birthday from the Freedom Fighters.’ “Gah! Those Freedom Fighters! They’ll pay for this, they’ll regret messing with the family!” Don Long-Legs said angrily. The Candyman took another bite from the cake, before he ran back to the bathroom, having forgotten in his gluttony the cake was still full of quick-lax.

At the junkyard, Crabmeat was held in Grabber’s grip and was being smashed in the ground over and over again. “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!” Grabber mocked.

“But you’re the one hitting me!” Crabmeat moaned.

“Not at all, you brought this upon yourself.” Grabber said as he tossed Crabmeat to the ground and whacked him with his crane claw arm. “Say goodbye brother!” he said as he raised his arm again for the final blow, and was ready to bring it down, however, something saved Crabmeat as the crane-claw like arm was cut of Grabber.

It was Slicer, and he was joined by Dr. Eggman himself. “Grabber, I thought you were destroyed. I am in a way relieved, since you did a good job running the plant, only I don’t like you stealing tech from me.” Eggman said calmly.

“Oh yeah? You abandoned me as much as Crabmeat did, so I won’t take orders from you anymore. Buzzbomber, get them.” Grabber growled as Buzzbomber did as he was told.

“Override: 5-0-3!” Eggman said and Buzzbomber stopped.

Buzzbomber shook his head as he saw Eggman and Slicer: “Hi boss, hi Slice! I had a the weirdest dream. It involved junk, a spiderbot and peanut butter sandwiches. The last one I’m not really sure of, but I like peanut butter sandwiches. And you know what the oddest part is? I don’t even have a stomach!”

“I don’t need the robot bee anyway. I’ll crack this egg myself!” Grabber said as he fired his eye lasers, but Eggman held out his hand and created a forcefield with his cybernetic arm to block it. Grabber launched several missiles, but Eggman’s cybernetic eyes glowed, making the missiles drop down and deactivate. Grabber now looked scared.

“You know Grabber, I can destroy you any time I want, either by voice command, by remote…I created you and I can unmake you too! Override: 7-9-3!” Eggman said.

From Grabber’s chest sounded a computerized voice: “Self-destruct initiated!” Grabber screeched in panic as he tried to pull out the mechanism from his chest, but it was stuck and he couldn’t get the device out in time as he was blown up, his entire body reduced to tiny pieces of scrap.

“You, Crabmeat, you’re lucky you are far too amusing to me, otherwise I’d have done the same to you. But know that once the day comes you’ll actually become a threat or when you’re no more fun to me, I’ll blow you up too.” Eggman warned Crabmeat.

“Hey, why have you made Buzzbomber so strong anyways? Under Grabber’s control, he was quite strong! I mean, he was stronger than me!” Crabmeat asked.

“You are as strong as Slicer and Buzzbomber, but you’re too incompetent to make full use of your powers, the only reason you cut the squirrel girl’s tail of was because you cheated. Now get back to work, if I’d pay you, it wasn’t to lollygag all day!” Eggman said as he and the others left, Crabmeat behind them.

“I hate my life.” Crabmeat groaned.

“I hate your life too, that’s why I wanted to end it!” a familiar voice said in Crabmeat’s head.

“What, who’s there? Are you my conscience? Oh wait, I don’t have one.” Crabmeat wondered.

“No it’s me brother! You haven’t seen the last of me!” the voice of Grabber said in the back of Crabmeat’s head.

“What? But how? You were destroyed! Just now!” Crabmeat asked.

“You see, since we were built from the same type of protoform, I could before I was blown to kingdom come, establish a connection and download myself into your head…not so surprisingly it’s roomy in here. But since the download wasn’t complete, I don’t have the power to take control of your body. But I can talk to you and read your memories.” Grabber explained.

“Oh Crab! How can this get any worse?” Crabmeat wondered.

“I’ll stick around for a while, so I’ll make sure I’ll make your life more of a living hell while I’m here! So…(singing) this is the song that gets on everybody’s nerves…” Grabber replied. Crabmeat shouted out to heavens in agony.

“So you’re saying the last emerald isn’t in the Special Zone?” Sally asked as the Freedom Fighters had returned to Freedom HQ and Sonic had informed them.

“Yes, Espik only said it’s hidden in a place only believed to exist in legends. She couldn’t be any more specific. Rules and stuff. But we must find out where it is. Maybe Nicole can decipher more of Uncle Chuck’s files.” Sonic answered.

“Sorry, there isn’t anything else on the file, minus the blueprints of the Chaos Drives and Deep Power Stone. Your uncle didn’t know the location of the last emerald either. I’m sorry.” Nicole replied.

“Then we’ll need to go through some archives, maybe history books or mythology books will hint us at the location of the Emerald. Until then, we need to stay alert in case Eggman tries anything.” Tails suggested.

“You’re right. But for now, let’s rest everyone. And we got to stay alert, something tells me this is only the beginning.” Sonic said.

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