Hotep: Page 18 Picture

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Horus will need a throat drop after all this dialogue. But be honest, would you rather I get the explaining scene done in a small number of slightliy dialogue heavy pages or a long series of boring shots involving a talking bird and the museum that you can tell far too easily I hate drawing. The next page, my friends. The next page is wonderful. I wriggle with glee when I look at it.
Also, made this page to demonstrate the sort of powers belonging to Thoth and Isis. Don't think little of the Ibis, he was very powerful and important, the Thrice-Great God of Wisdom was resident magician and philosopher for the gods. And Isis is good at keeping things alive, YAY. Her worship lasted to more recent times than anyone else in the pantheon can boast. (not counting pagan revival of Kemetic gods of course, where most now find a small following in the present)
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