Mya Florentine Profile Color Picture

Its been more than a year since I made the lineart, and I just now remembered that I'd wanted to color it at the time.

Finally got around to doing so the other day. Still not sure if I should have had the Eyes layer above the Hair layer, instead of the reverse (eyes behind hair)...

A bit of a bio:

A brilliant xenobiologist and medical specialist, Mya Florentine is the twin sister of Aya, the woman who commanded the Nor'easter during the Battle of Knothole in COA:ACO. Her role only really comes to the fore in the post-war period of COA:New World Order. Along with Mastermind, she is the head of the human pro-xenocide power block (Aya being the de facto head of the moderates), and works with the aim of completing the previously abandoned ARK Research. This goal of which was to be able to give humans Chaos Powers and to develop doomsday weapons to use against the non-human species of the planet.

Mya is a fervent believer in the natural superiority of the human species, and is a brilliant geneticist. However, her scheming nature is quite well known, and she is not nearly as well liked by her fellow humans and overlanders as Aya or even Mastermind. By the end of NWO, she is in possession of the genomes of the "mythological" species, most notably the dragonkin and kitsunes, and apparently ready to move forward with wide scale "Trans-human augmentation." She has also managed to develop a clone of Miles Prower for use as a living weapon (it is implied she also wants to use him to create a set of "human" Chaos Emeralds).

To quote the original upload:
"I incorporated design influences from previous pics, and did a lot of adjusting. The Seal of Station Square and of GUN took some time to do right also, since I had to make them up on the spot. Both are based off of the DoD Eagle (holding the arrows and with a shield) and the straight-wing German Army eagle design. The Station Square seal has arrows (defense) and a shield with olive branches (peace), a single star (one nation), and a superimposed "T" for Terra/Terran. The GUN seal has a sword (offense) draped in a ribbon and a shield with a lightning strike on it (inspired by the WC4 Black Lance Logo)"
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