The Immortals Picture

Yes, the Immortals. Creations of my own. Call me Chaos, in a way. They are not part of the Olympians, nor are they part of the Titans. They are a group of their own - a team of three. Solely they keep the balance of the universe.

Tallis - Time

Riku Tsuki-Birthday - Fate

Desmond Tiny - Destiny

Sadly, I do not own Desmond Tiny. He belongs to Darren Shan. Tallis and Riku belong to me, as does Chaos (Creation) and Jeff (Destruction).

I must say this:

Tallis is NOT the god of Time. He IS Time.

Riku is NOT the goddess of Fate. She IS Fate.

Desmond is NOT the god of Destiny. He IS Destiny.

They are beyond the powers of any normal god or goddess.

Questions? No? No? Of course not.
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