Goddesses: Chaos, Destruction Picture

Hi Everyone

These are my last two goddesses i promise lol, however i do have corrosponding Gods to these which I will probs post at one point lol.

These are My Goddesses Of Chaos And Destruction:

Chaos - Tiamat (Tiama) (Tiamat : In mythology, this is the name of a primeval sea dragon goddess, the embodiment of Chaos, and mother of the first gods.) (She prefers to be called Tiama for short)

Destruction - Apollonia (Nia) (Apollonia is a female version of Apollo which means Destroyer) (She Prefers to be called Nia for Short)

I Hope You Like Them ^.^

Goddesses Of Chaos And Destruction (C) AkiraXItachi4eva

Dress Designs (C) AkiraXItachi4eva
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