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(created story/characer- 06-07)

so the main character of the whole sha-bang with my Space Senshi is Sailor Hymir.

"At the time I was on a Norse mythology kick. from Wiki: In the final battle against the gods, Hymir will sail the terrible ship Naglfar, which is made entirely from the nails of the dead. The flood that precedes Ragnarok will free the ship after which the giants will board it and, with Hymir as commander, sail towards the battlefield of Vigrond."

But in my notes (which I wrote back then) I had Hymir marked down as being called "The Dark One".

In my story, Hymir is like a total Emo-ish/Angry-ish/abused child. (Mind you at the time I started writing a lot of stuff, I was going through the usual phases most first writers do.)

-Ahem- Alrighty. This is from memory as I don't remember where the heck I put the original story/bio.

Her name is Seraphina
She's supposedly around 17-20 yrs old.

Her story is basically this:

Seraphina was born during the time the hidden third Moon of Leah, Hymir, appeared. According to the legends of Leah, when the one born under Hymir is born, that person will bring about the end of Leah if they ever fell in love.

It makes it doubly troubling that she is the bastard child of the King of Leah with a chamber maid. With Sera's mother 'abandoning' her when she was a child, she was basically made over into a playmate for her half-sister and heir to the Leah throne, Princess Daranara.

Up until Seraphina was eight, her life was more or less alright. She never noticed how badly people actually treated her because she was always happy with her half sister who treated her well.

However, when she was eight, the King of Leah (with an agreement with the Queen ) decided that they didn't want their daughter, Daranara, to become a sailor senshi. Believing that they could train Sera to be so, the King took her out into the woods that was riddled with bandits and other dangerous things and told her to get out and that he would return to get her in basically a week.

A week passed and the King finally returned. She didn't show up until near dusk when the carriage was leaving and she appeared in the middle of the road.

From that point on her life was utter misery as she realized how A: Terrible people can really be, and B: How differently they treat her from her sister and others.

She was trained and was abused mentally, mostly because of her being born under the moon of Hymir. She began to literally hate her sister for how naive/innocent she was because of how everyone was basically falling over themselves to protect her from even the tiniest bit of insults.

Even though Seraphina hates Daranara, she can't bring herself to do anything towards her sister.

On Daranara's tenth birthday, she was gifted a prized animal that's native to the system called a Lexa.

Lexa's were panther-like animals that have psychic abilities which vary from one lexa to the next. Generally they can from a protective barrier around themselves or their partners and they can boost power by anywhere from five-to ten percent.

Daranara was gifted with a silver Lexa cub, however Dara was actually scared of the thing because it nipped her. They were going to put the lexa down, however Seraphina intervened and took care of the cub herself, naming it Nithos.

Since then, Sera and Lithos have been pretty much inseparable.

When it came time for the Queen of Leah to pass on her Senshi mantle, they held a tournament to determine who would be more suited to be the new sailor senshi of Leah. (Despite having already decided that Seraphina would be the most likely canadiate).

Of course, Seraphina passed with two others into the final round, in which the queen would relinquish her powers and they would choose the new host.

Everyone had wanted it to be Seraphina, but instead she had awakened as Sailor Hymir, the Dark One, that was foretold to end Leah. It was then and there that the King rashly decreed she'll never marry nor is anyone (including her) was allowed to fall in love.

This also began more abuse- particularly by the king who at this point has become a bit unhinged himself and believed that if he did this, she would never form any attachments to anyone as a result.

Later on, perhaps a few years later when Daranara is sixteen and is being courted by a prince, Sera had a run in with this guy named Nicca who had a lexa named Freya , who's actually part of the Prince of Fantasia's guard, while she was out training in the woods. He had been surrounded by bandits and she ended up helping him out.

While she ends up falling for Nicca as time wore on, she had to pretend that she wasn't interested in him.

During all that, the court witch (Edit: It's Lady Helena), had been performing illegal, dangerous and pretty much terrible magical experiments on humans.

Seraphina found this out by accident and alerted the king and queen about this. the Court witch was thrown out, but not before she sworn vengeance against them all- and especially Seraphina.

In secret, Sera and Nicca planned to run away together, when war broke out on Leah between the Tai Chi Rebels and the Leah Kingdom. The Tai Chi were being lead by the Court Witch in her bid to take the throne and to destroy all.

Together with the Space senshi and the guards from Fantasia, Sailor Hymir lead them covertly behind the enemy lines while the Leah Armies distracted them.

During the battle, Nicca was gravely wounded which caused Hymir to go nuts for a few moments and kill those that hurt him. She doesn't learn, until later, that Nicca has died. His black lexa, female, named Freya was burned with him as she had died a short time after he did due to the bonds that was formed between them.

With this being the last straw, Sailor Hymir left Leah on her own and sought out Sailor Galaxia. She told Galaxia about her homeworld and all, getting the Golden warrior to come and basically decimated the entire world.

The Space senshi all died in the battle with Princess Daranara being the last one to go.

Daranara, who knew nothing of her parents or the courts' cruelty towards her half-sister, was pretty much horrified to learn what Seraphina had done and had asked her "why"

to which, Hymir simply told her to Die and stole Daranara's Sailor Crystal.

Galaxia, of course, isn't happy with the haul, and in the end took Hymir's Sailor Crystal as well- which Hymir was all too happy to give her as she wanted to die.

Fast forward to the end of the battle with Chaos.

Seraphina's Sailor Crystal chose to follow Usagi's group back to the Earth because it didn't want to return to that horrible life on Leah.

However, Seraphina didn't count on the -rest- of the Space senshi, as well as Princess Daranara's to be reborn there too. (And the prince/guards from Fantasia).

So when Seraphina's Sailor Crystal/body rematerialized along with her Lexa, Nithos, she had thought she was free.

Senshi Team: Space Senshi
Position: Leader
* Sailor Star
*Sailor Justice
*Sailor Nimbus
*Sailor Nova (I think)
*Sailor Leah

Weapons: War hammer/ then scythe when upgraded.

Companion: Lexa, named Nithos. Silver in color. Psychic powers: Barriers, power boost and teleportation- limited range.

Sailor Hymir/Seraphina/Screwed up world- Mine

Poses/CB- Tsuki-Matsuri
BSSM: Naoko T.
Continue Reading: Chaos