Hotep: Page 12 Picture

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Is the layout of the sound effects okay? That's the one thing I just can't get the hang of with comics. Sound effects seem so unnatural to me, but apparently without them the characters are living in a soundless void... which is a scary thought. So I'm trying. These sequences with less dialogue really need sounds to move them along... they're the hardest for me. Feedback, please! But don't criticize the birds in the top panel please. I make faraway stuff look squiggly on purpose. It's a stylistic choice. This is supposed to be a part of the afterlife (Duat) where souls are in the shape of birds (the ba takes the form of a bird and leaves the body). Is the scene transition unclear? Should I have a little narration blurb at the top? The idea is Anubis retrieves the soul and then Thoth is waiting at the gate and (oh the next page) closes it behind him. Osiris left because the Duat is his realm and it is by his will that they are allowed to enter it and remove a soul from it. Is this hard to follow?
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