Democratizing the Internet Picture

Kim dotcom was on our national TV again last week on the program called ‘Sunday’ and I particularly liked the shot of him standing on the stage behind the pulpit and shouting “Let the internet wars begin!” in a sort of one man power house of Mega Maniacal Leadership of all like minded people into a hack fest of a free for all Mega Overtake of the internet on a global level.

In his mind and no doubt many others, the internet wars are supposed to be the war between the governments of our world of law and order (The controllers) and the people out there like him who want to replace the government with the people or with themselves(The Mega freedom fighters) in order to bring freedom to us all by closing down the national defense systems or communication systems or banking systems and so forth, leading to a black out of all information or chaos or wiping the slate clean for all criminals and other mega bad people, which will lead us all back to the farm lands of plenty where apples grow for free and no one wants or needs anything better than grubbing in the god awful full of bugs soil for a living whilst being controlled by the biggest person with the biggest weapon who will obviously take the biggest profit of the crop while the rest of us have to suck on grass?

Because the government is actually the people in all democratic sorts of nations (50% of the globe), I think this sort of defeats the whole purpose of the so called ‘I-Wars’ as hinted at by Kim Dotcom.

In other books I have read about the I-Wars, it seems there is a growing fear that terrorists will employ hackers to hack into the enemy computer systems and disengage their weaponry before invasion, like the ‘Expendables’ (What a great movie) do, in reality, by jumping out from behind trees and slitting the throats of the guards, thereby rendering them unprotected and easier to over throw.

Some conspiracy theorists say that that is what mega big companies do already in reality…they send in guns for hire to incite a mega disturbance and civil war between the citizens of a nation with mega rich resources in order to render that nation incapable of noticing the extractions of their inheritance by themselves and other mega thieving companies.

Who can know for sure until the intrepid John Wayne on his hoss called Silver catches up with them and brings them to justice?

In my opinion, the possible I-War threat is quite disturbing as it once again exposes the Mega Insanity of theoretical people out there somewhere who are not really thinking in a rational way of putting people before profit and are out to get us all to bow down to their primitive mindsets by using the same techniques that they supposedly abhor about the governments who were elected by the people to protect the interests and the health and safety of the people as best they can with all these Mega Insane odds against them.

It is quite an interesting proposition though, this idea of democratizing the internet for the people by the people, instead of having just one big Mega Bullshitter leading the throngs of the rest of us with the gongs of his own prestige and pedestal and throne, like Kim Dotcom appears to want to do and like many before him have wanted to do since Mother Africa grew a brain and got all the other apes worried that she might take over from them?

Wouldn’t it be radical to have a global democracy via the internet where everyone has a voice and no one is controlled and manipulated and fed any fiction and that instead people can choose for themselves what addictions they wish to retain, like mega people before profits or mega enlightenment about ideologies or mythologies or the education of healthy psychologies?

I was thinking also how interesting it would be, if the one billion face lookers on face book got together to vote for a global solution, which could be devised by some mega clever and sane person somewhere, on what to do, step by step towards a global democracy, instead of leaving the doors wide open for Insane Mega Maniacs to make those choices for billions of users, through devious means and conspiracies and sneaky peeky ways?
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