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I submitted this idea to the Digital Dive Forum's "Create a Royal Knight" contest. [link]
For this posting, the picture is a little bigger and I experiemented with trying to add some flamey-looking stuff on his sword. The rest of the text below is exactly how I posted it at Digital Dive:

Name: Genjimon
Attribute: Virus
Group: Exalted Knight Digimon
Level: Armor
Data Size: 20.0G

Name Origin: "Genji" is derived from the family name Minamoto, one of the Shogunate families of Medieval Japan. It was most famously used as the name of the protagonist of "Tale of Genji", possibly the world's very first novel.

Backstory: Genjimon is something of a counterpart of Magnamon, another creation of the power of a Golden Digimental. He was once a Candlemon, and the influence of the Meramon family is obvious in his appearance.

Genjimon will not talk much about his origins; his title is the Knight of Chaos, as he has claimed that the Digimental that created him was conjured by Susanoomon (in Japanese mythology, Susanoo was called the God of Chaos).

Personality: Genjimon bores easily, and sometimes there doesn't seem to be much filter between his brain and his mouth. He speaks with a Cockney accent and puts on a very tough, blustery act that serves it's purpose: it hides his cunning and intelligence, leading most of his enemies to think he's just some blustery brawler and underestimate him. He generally does start his battles with a show of quick, brutal overwhelming force, and most of the time that serves him just fine; but those who survive that first attack, and think they're dealing with a thick-headed brawler who doesn't know any better are in for a rude surprise.

Genjimon prefers to work alone, but he will work with the other Knights when ordered. The only one he really gets along with is UlforceVeedramon, and it has been hinted that they were from the same clutch of eggs at Primary Village, making them old classmates of a sort. UlforceVeedramon is the only one of the Knights who may know more about Genjimon's origins, but he will not talk of the matter short of an order from Yggdrassil itself.

Genjimon will respect the orders of his leader (Omnimon or Alphamon), but is not above loudly questioning them. He's even know to mouth off to Yggdrassil, but as they know that he has a quick mind and a somewhat...eclectic point of view, he can point out complications that they may have overlooked. Dynasmon has characterized Genjimon as the Royal Knights' "court jester" (though never within earshot. Yet)

Genjimon is a mix of different influences. His armor and some of his accessories makes him the most blatantly "Japanese" of the Royal Knights. His chest plates and topknot fit classic samurai motifs.

On the other hand, his face, grey skin, and even the curious design of his boots hearken back to the Meramon family; the face is reminiscant of Meramon itself, while the greyish skin and KISS boots come from SkullMeramon, the Digimon that would've been the Candlemon's natural evolutions if not for Susanoomon's work.

His sword is named "Grasscutter", after the Kusanagi no Tsurugi of Japanese folklore, one of the three legendary artifacts attributed to the royal family. The teardrop of jade Genjimon wears also recalls one of those items. While he carries a shield, which is more of a European motif, the mirrored finish is evocative of the third legendary artifact.

--Divine Reflection. Using his mirror shield, Genjimon can deflect energy attacks. While not as powerful as Mercuremon's similar technique, Genjimon can deflect most attacks from enemies up to Champion level if he enters a defensive posture. Though, as he usually prefers to deal with his enemies with quick, brutal, overwhelming force, he doesn't enter a defensive posture very often...

--Grasscutter Crunch. This is a power strike with his sword. Not flashy, but it's quick and it hurts very very badly if you get hit with it.

--Grasscutter Fireball. This is Genjimon's devestating attack. He twirls his sword, gathering the fires of his Meramon lineage, and releases it as a powerful fireball attack that does incredible damage. He can hit multiple targets with it, but it takes more time, is less precise, and does less damage.

Bonus Notes:
My brother and I originally created Genjimon for a fan fic idea: at one point, we would have two of our characters use the Golden Digimonentals, and one of them was Candlemon. He would use the Golden Digimental of Miracles to become...Susanoomon.

Did I mention we had this idea in the summer of 2001?

Anyway, a year and a half later Frontier created an official Susanoomon, so after trying a few other names (Mikadomon, Kusanagimon) we settled on Genjimon. When Digital Dive announced this contest, I immediately thought this would be the idea to submit; mentioning that his power might have been given to him by the "real" Susanoomon, and his title "Knight of Chaos", are nods to that now-invalid identity.
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