Lost Chapters Consepts: World Seal Picture

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION: this is a consept art, it took way more offscreen work
than you can see in the picture. The fact you understand the consept behind the picture
is way more important for me than some "instant fav", please considere it.

You have probably noticied but my game mechanics is a variation of Fire Emblem ones.
So I decided to put the consepts in a sort of sheet based on an artefact of the game
called the "World Seal" what is, basicaly..the tutorial ! xD

Nah, just kidding, it's an ancient artefatct whose form is based on how interact everything
in the universe, an equivalent of symbols like Yin-Yang and so in the characters world.
Here comes the explaination about the World Seal, in whose i put all the triangles and actions.

In the world you have Three Valors, Strengh, Courage ans Wisdom, what take form in the trinities,
and among the species capable of creating tools we have the humans in the center ot the world.

Strengh: The path of Anima (the nature) what always prevail on everything.
Fire burn any Wind, what dispearse around the Thunder shows more power than Fire.
Life ( as Ki magic) is always affected yet neutral against the elements.

Courage: The path of the beasts who can survive even in the worst conditions.
The dog (Fang) bite the cat (Claw) who catch the bird (Beak) who escape the dog.
Of course no animal match the powerfull breath of the mighty Dragon.

Wisdom: The path of those who always wanted more knowledge about the world.
the Light dispel shadows, Dark magic destroy nature, but Anima prevail against the divines.
The sacred power of Healing staffs is not meant to hurt so it's outside of the trinity.

Humans Weapon's Triangle:
The Spear lead a wide attack against the Sword, what is quicker than the Axe, what can break a spear
Bows are meant to be used as distant weapons and are not affected by this triangle.

World is complicate, right ? At first you can beleve thath humans are in the center because they are chosen ones, but in fact they simply expend so much their kingdoms by war that they became the main factor of the world change. So their place is only applied by the "natural order"

Among all the creatures there are also others type than fighters who can save or doom the world.
Their powerfull magic and abilities are not considered as triangle but equal dualities. As the First circle link and protect the world, the foreign demons tend to bring Chaos upon the Land..

Galdr and Requiem:
The first are sacred songs who belong to a bird tribe who look like angels, and in rare case are also learned by pure human bards, they tend to boost the moral and determination of the allies. Requiem are twisted Galdr used by demons to beat down ennemies by aiming their mind fragilities.

Rings and Curses:
The first are sacred artefact what can give a temporary surge of will or strengh to an ally, they can be used by dancers and sacred maidens. Curses are often used by gorgons to petrify or weaken their prey before they really start the hunt.

Spirit and Demon Seals:
Among all creatures some were so powerful than they were bannished to another world. Spirits are usualy linked with Anima and tend to protect the world, but don't trust humans. Demons are selfish creatures hungry of power and chaos who want to end the current state of peace of the world.
The seals can be used to summon them, or to dive them away once again.

As you noticied there are Three natural Dualities and Three natural Trinities, but Humans cen somehow afect both by their action, what make them the perfect specie to lead the world at a golden age, or to complete chaos...Depends on whose voice they choose to hear.

That's all about the World Seal
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