The Origin Picture

Since you probably didn't know this, Ty Lee just so happens to be the Demon Queen, and she and Chase are like Demon Rulers. Awesome right? Yeah. I thought so.

There's a huge story behind them that Chase and I are writing. And this just so happens to be pretty much how their story begins. Here we have Chaos, the Creator of All, forming Ty Lee and Chase from nothingness.

Now, a little synopsis from her history (from a roleplay on Chicken Smoothie):

"Her birth dates back before time, where she and Chase were created by Chaos. They are the origin and yet also the results of all hatred, anger, angst, among other negatives feelings, created by mortals. The Demon Kingdom, located in and more commonly referred to as "The Underworld" was actually once two Kingdoms, for Ty Lee and Chase were supposed to rule over their own kingdoms and stay kept away from each other, because Chaos, unlike the Demon Rulers, had pity on the gods and the mortals, and didn't want to unleash mass destruction upon Earth. However, Chaos's being eventually ebbed away, and while it still exists, is not capable of anything. It's the source of all magic, actually, but can't be seen directly. Ty Lee and Chase merged kingdoms and became the Demon Queen and King respectively."

Yes, their whole history is based very loosely off of Greek Mythology. If you have a problem get out my face. :I Hellenic Pagans ftw.

Yeah. So, the background was a wallpaper I found laying around my computer. :I No idea where it's from, probably found on Google or something.

Other than that, I own everything else.

Sorry for the ugly watermark, but I really don't want anyone using this picture for any reason. In a way, it's kind of personal.

Programs Used ;; MS Paint and Gimp

Time Taken ;; at least 5 hours

Ty Lee & Chaos (c) me

Chase (c) Chase

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