Chaos Sketch Picture

Ladies and gentlemen(or generally those that care), I have uploaded a new sketch! That only took......ANYWAY! I now introduce to you one of the most powerful beings in my story, Chaos!(yeah, original, I know -_-) Now for some explainations. These beings, such as the one you see here, existed WAY before the coming of man(or life for that matter). They are known as 'Demi-gods'. We call them this because, as powerful as they are, they aren't perfect. Though they were created by the true gods themselves for the purpose of doing their bidding, reason being that the true gods are so powerful, that their prescence in the universe would cause that universe to collapse. Chaos is one of the first to be created by one of the founding Demi-gods(have yet to get down a general look for him), and has given Chaos the power of destruction and discord. Though Chaos is the name he goes by, all Demi-gods have multiple names that they are refered to(mostly names relating to common mythologies). Chaos is intruduced late in the series, so we'll talk about that at a later time(unless you kindly ask
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