The Death Of Chaos Picture

I was reading up some stuff, and came apon this article in Wikipedia. It's about a god based in Chinesse Mythology;

According to the Daoist classic Zhuangzi by the eponymous author, Chaos existed as a deity with existence and pure sentience, but had no sensory inputs whatsoever. His peers saw that he had no ways of feeling the external world. Out of a reciprocity for its acts of kindness, they carved seven orifices on its blank face, one every day - the orbits of the eyes, the ear canals, the nostril and the mouth. By the seventh day, Chaos is in possession with the five earthly senses.

It died immediately.

That last line got to me... I tried searching for info, or maybe an old drawing, or anything on this character, however, couldn't.

I imagined this character in appearance, weak, frail... Almost child-like. However, I wanted to show it's power, even after it's death. I tried to make his body glow, but I don't feel I did a good job showing that... I'm also not sure about the lines around him, however I wanted to make a contrast. In the well-detailed hands of his 'peers' (I can only imagine followers), he almost appears flawed. However, when looked at it in reversed, it was 'earthly senses', that his 'peers' gave him that killed him. Therefor, it's the hand that's flawed...

I would love any info on this tale, if anyone knows or has a site I can look at. Let me know what you all think!
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