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Alright you two, break it up. You've only been at it for four THOUSAND years. Give or take. But more on that later. Hmm... maybe I should have name dropped here, but I think that if SOMEHOW you don't know who bowling pin head is, you can wait until page seven to find out. And Mr. Lulzy Ibis Head will be named later also. I forgot to mark this one, but HANDS OFF. This is copyright hellzgranny 2007!

Critique meh!
I know Set's head still looks a bit wonky here, but I have decided once and for all how to draw him, so this won't happen again.... I hope. What do you think of the rest of it? And don't tell me to try cell shading because I don't know how and I'm too busy with school to learn no matter how easy you think it is. But if you know of some pens or paint markers or something brand that would improve the look, please tell me! Any techniques? Let me know!

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