Circe and Lionclaw Picture

Nickname: Leo
Bio: He was the youngest of the family, Circe the oldest, Trivia the middle child. Leo was his dad's favorite, but there was one thing he didn't posses: chaos magic. He couldn't disappear, raise the dead, or do any of that cool stuff. Just his wimpy pony magic. He could change small things about himself, such as his huge nostrils and bushy eyebrows easily. He gets upset easily, and despite his 'wimpy' magic, it's not pretty. No cutie mark yet. Alicorns take longer.
Gender: Male, but can morph into a female.
Sexual Preference: He doesn't care. Never really thought about it, but he's taken a certain fancy to a mare...
Wardrobe: He always wears a stiff metal thing around his neck. A torque? A peytral? He also wears horseshoes. He only does it to please his mother. It is made of copper with a ruby in it. When he is disguised as a mortal, he wears nothing.
Traits: Has a gross sense of humor, immature, whiny, but he's sweet and can be a gentleman if he wants to. Not often, though. He has developed crush on a certain time pony.
Other: Meh.
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