Three Faces of Eris Picture




Known to start the Trojan War between not only Man but also among the Gods as well...

armed with only a golden apple...

She is Eris


After reading Worthy of Love by CultOfTheStrawberry on, I have to draw her.

Since Gods are known for their shapeshifting ability, Eris can shapeshift her form in anyway she wished. And thanks to the upbringing by her aunts and grandmother, and by Hephaestus and his wife by extension, she maintained her individuality from her mother, Aphrodite.

I have come across one version of Eris that depicted her as, I have Eris three forms that she is most comfortable with.

Her female form (the original), while independent and mischievous, she is still classy. Her appearance is inspired by both Elsa of Frozen and Eris from DreamWorks' Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Her male form (dubbed Chaos) is inspired by frequent visits of Hephaestus

Her androgynous form (dubbed Havoc) is what considered to be her favorite, where she can set her hair down

Eris (c) Greco-Roman mythos

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