Bringer of Evil - Colored Picture

I chatted with my really good friend, *daddysir today. We talked about the causes-and-effects of heroes and villians. One of the problems I have is there are NO bad guys in my DA Art Gallery. Drawing crooks for your good guys to deal with isn't easy, and right now is the time to correct this no villians among my art of the hero OCs. I never really bothered, yet since I've begun to work on writing my original story, "Horus vs. Set" needs lots of crooks up to no good for the Thebes Clan and the other 6 ancient Egyptian gargoyle groups to stop the thugs.

Afterwards I tried to think of a new villian to clash with Menphis who keeps everything in both the natural, and the supernatural worlds in balance, within the light, and order. The idea came to me from my flipping through the old ancient Egyptian Mythology book I own. Menphis's Ra form amulet becomes the armor of a 3-crested hawk whose enemy is Khamak, a very old friend of the leader of the Four. It's my 1st time drawing the corrupted Ra form amulet's armor of a Typhonian animal, Page 62 (a wild black pig). Wild boars are considered as evil according to the ancient Egyptian people, and in their mythology. This sketch turned out to be drawn very fast too. My good DA writer friend, *S2Teennovelist-chan pointed out to me just now that Set is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and the darker side of the desert, thunder, and the defender of Ra from the serpent god, Apep on his boat.

Wanted to get out of my usual comfort zone. Hope you enjoy this new baddie OC, *daddysir, *Duzloo-chan, and *uddelhexe-chan. Please let me know what you think of Khamak before you
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