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Introducing my first student in #Animal-Academy, Kawatarō. He was initially going to be straight... but we thought the folklore legend about Kappa stealing spiritual orbs from withing people's asses was sort of odd. And a bit gay. So we almost settled on him being bisexual.
His Kappa features are his webbed fingers and toes, his pointy ears, green rings around his eyes, and the lily pad on his head filled with water, said to be the source of a Kappa's energy.

Name: Kawatarō Sakana
Nickname: Kawa, Kakun
Birthday: January 7
Sexuality: Bisexual
Animal: Kappa
Age: 17
Class Year: 5
Classes: Advanced English I, Cultural Studies, Calculus, Marine Biology, Japanese, Painting, Architecture
Dorm: High School 13

Kawatarō Sakana, sometimes known as Kawa or Kakun, is a 5th year student at animal academy, making him 17 years old. He, like a Kappa from Japanese folklore, can be sneaky and mischevious, and enjoys pulling pranks on his classmates and teachers and causing problems. Also, like the folklore, he is very polite, and manners are important to him when he's not going about starting chaos. With his spare time, he likes to explore campus surprise or harass people, and sometimes he'll spend time in the school's pool when clubs are't using it. As mischevious and rowdy as he is, he knows how to relax when spending time with his friends, one of his better qualities. He wears a rain coat and rain boots almost all-year round, a play on him being a kappa, as kappa can mean traditional straw raincoat in Japan, where the kappa hails from.
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