Personal Logo Picture

Made this for a class. The assignment was to make a personal logo. I find myself to be quite chaotic, different identities swirling together to make one entity, and so my logo reflected this. The balance of the Yin Yang is my girlfriend identity, I am the Yin to my boyfriend's Yang. The Scorpio symbol is my mythology buff identity, as well as my sign. The kanji is "inu", which means dog in Japanese, which is my otaku identity and also I was born Year of the Dog. The Pluto symbol formed with a question mark is my identity crisis. I was born under the planet Pluto, but is now not considered a planet. I also have a tendency to question who I really am, so it fits. The cross symbolizes my religious identity. I grew up in the Methodist church, but I question my faith so much that it is barely there any more, merely a shadow of what it once was. The eye in the center of the storm of identities is the calm identity, the one that keeps the others in an organized chaos. Not sure if that all makes sense or not, but I suppose that's kind of the point of it all.
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