Omar and Umar 3: Radioplay Picture

Part 3 of the epic radioplay...

The wind brushes against the snow-fallen mountains of Marterberry as General Gerloon and his men search for a lost amulet of extraordinary value and power. On vacation from their last journey, Omar and Umar Yakagami find themselves in a troublesome situation, as their wandering has taken them into uncharted territory. The paths of these men will soon meet, and the ultimate price must be paid. Relive the journey! Rush to battle! Fight with honor!

WARNING: Slight profanity

Duration: 12:25

Omar Yakagami/General Gerloon/Peasant - Lucien Dodge
Umar Yakagami/Felix Tabernacle/Peasant/Weary Searcher/Narrator - Chris Zambelis

Self-made... a looot of them.

Age of Mythology OST
Age of Empires OST
Fullmetal Alchemist OST
Various video games
Lucien Dodge and Chris Zambelis - Duet of Chaos

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