Tartarian Spawn Picture

The last minor Tartarian! The spawn is the most frequent type of Tartarian out of the rest. It just dawned on me that I never really explained what a Tartarian is.

In Greek mythology there are three realms of the underworld. The realm of Hades is the first level and is where most of the dead live in their afterlife. Underneath that are the next two realms. Erebus is the realm that has no shape. It's more like a goo or something like that with no variable shape meaning it's churning, bubbling, and changing. Smack dab in the middle of Erebus is Tartarus. There are ten gates to this realm, and all are locked. The gates can only be opened by the hands of a mortal. However, there are some small holes within the walls that are meant to keep the Titans locked inside. Tartarians escape through these holes and go out into the world above to cause destruction and chaos.

Tartarians are the souls of evil people who have no place among the peaceful dead in the realm of Hades, so they are cast into Tartarus to spend eternity in an infernal hell of excruciating punishment, one of which is being transformed into a monster that fits the crimes you've committed.

Tartarian Spawn~Suicidal-Kittens
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