Watermark Sketches Picture

ok, here it they are like as I said, I will explain each one though

#1 Sharingan - I thought it be pretty cool and it would make sense, since I'm an Uchiha fan and shizz like that, yeah*is lazy*

#2 Uchiha maid - I used my persona in this one, and I thought it would fit in with my deviant ID

#3 Panda earbuds - I love listening to music, and most people think of pink as my color, and my friends find my well being like a panda's, and I love pandas

#4 Military Ninja Demon - based off of my Occupation in the family

#5 Cerberus - my favorite creature in Greek Mythology

#6 Rotten apple with Snake ghost- now how do i explain this on? xD *is shot*
anyway, you guys know my love for Greek mythology right? Right! So today at school, my friend's gave me the nickname of Eris for some reason(I assume my love for crazy evil character, and that I have a crazy side xD). Since Eris's syombol is the golden apple of Discordia and I also combined it with a Ghost Serpent( Cerberus is not the only symbol for the king of the dead) so I decided to twist things up abit andwas thinking why not I make a rotten apple instead

so now my question is which one do you think I should have for my watermark?
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