Fenris Fang's Renrad Blaze Picture

Renard Blaze
Name: Ronald Brink
Birthplace: New Jersey (hometown unknown)
Height: 6.8 ft.
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Light green
Hair Color: Orange
Favorite Show: Darkwing Duck, Real Ghostbusters,
Favorite Movie: Enter the Dragon, Fantastic Mr. Fox
Least Favorite Movie: Double Dragon Movie
Favorite Music/ Song Hard Rock, Alternative, Nu Metal, Folk Metal
Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi, Chicken Tenders
Role/Skill: Kitsune warrior and crime fighter.
Powers/Weapons Abilities: Foxfire Forgery, which is the ability to Forge (or transmutate) foxfire into any solid tools or archaic weapons, a mixture of Chinese and Japanese martial arts, and conjures multiple magic tricks.
Personality: Easygoing, eccentric, intuitive, wise-cracking, and always likes to show off.
Weakness: Both his arrogance and his pride.
Motto: “Let’s Burn it up!”

Ronald Brink was just your average American teenager living somewhere in New Jersey with great expectations in life. Because he never knew who his mother was, or if she's alive or not, he was forced to live with his abusive white trash father, Luther Brink. But Ronald never allowed this to affect him, as he thrives to live life to it's fullest. He was huge fan of Japanese Anime, and was an expert on world history and mythology. And he especially always loved everything martial arts, especially the weapons, and wanted to learn the stuff so badly. But his obnoxious father wouldn't let him, and would often beat him for even mentioning it.

But then one day, he stumbles upon an old chest belonging to his family and finds something inside it, which was a strange small Japanese marble carving of a fox. He treasured the item because of his liking of Japanese stuff. But then one night, he found the small fox statue to open like a canopic jar. Removing the head, he found what appeared to be cremated ash inside, which suddenly transformed into dust. He accidentally inhaled the dust and it absorbed right into his body. Later on, his body began to change shape as he turned into the most unlikely creature, which was something he recognized as some fox man.
With good knowledge of mythology and some little research from his books, he learns that he had become a kitsune, a werefox with mystic powers. He quickly discovers his newfound gifts of enhanced strength, speed, agility, a thick fox pelt that could prevent flesh wound attacks, healing factor, and the magic power to conjure fire from his hands and “Forge” them into any weapon he can think of. With all this power for himself, he decides to finally leave his abusive father, and use his kitsune powers to become a crime fighting vigilante named “Renard Blaze”.
When he met Grizzly and P.R.O.T.E.C.H. (Professional, Response, Operation, Tactical, Extreme, Counterstrike, Headquarters), they thought he was a mass murderer, all thanks to the lie of Renard's arch enemy the Terrible Tainter. When they fought his “amazing” fighting skills frustrate the superanthros, up until Grizzly defeated him with a mail box.
Realizing the Terrible Tainter deceived them to get Renard out of the way so he could take over the world and plunge it into chaos, they retaliated and helped Renard thwart the megalomaniac's sinister plans. Despite the fact that Grizzly disliked Renard's methods in battling evil, because he deemed him to be too violent, he was still thankful for his help anyways.

I made this art piece of my friend [link] in a crossover with The Mighty Grizzly.

Renard Blaze (c) Fenris Fang.
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