Frekur WIP Picture

A character of mine i've been playing wit for far too long, and just had to draw.

Since i seem to now have an array or giants, elves, wolves and the like, i decided it was time to give trolls a crack!!

Since trolls are so stereotypically big, ugly, cranky things, i altered them a bit for my own story. Yes, trolls are big, probably about the size of an average johtun (about 8-10 feet tall) wit large forearms, paw-like hands, tusks and tails.

The males are stocky and the females are less so, but still muscular and extremely strong.

Instead of having them as cranky beings, i've made them easygoing and friendly enough. they enjoy a party and are normally seen as troublemakers due t the chaos and damage they cause whilst innocently playing or hunting.

My troll here, Frekur, is a young female of about seventeen years. She is happy and outgoing, but like all trolls she is a whirlwind of chaos. She is also not very bright, like most trolls, and loves ether spending her days exploring or sleeping.

When Ulfurhunn and the rest of my characters first meet her she is totally lost and heading in the completely wrong direction. I guess she would come in handy whenever they're in trouble, because despite being young still she is extremely strong and brutal in battle.

i had more to say, but i forgot. lucky you!!

frekur and all my other characters belong to me!!
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