Pranda Picture

The Forgotten Gods - CHAOS

In the Mythology of the Forgotten Gods of Ul-Zaorith, Pranda was the daughter of Bacha and the mother of Lome. Along with her sister, Lelix, Pranda represents the two polarities of Existence - Order and Chaos. There is no intentional malice in Pranda, things are as they are for the briefest of moments. There is no consideration, no continuity, no plan or intent. All is change, constant and impossible. The same power that can make a miscarriage of a pregnancy could make a duck of a spool of thread. Because of Pranda's random nature, Chaos is often considered a bringer of insanity due to mortal minds' incapability to regsiter and deal with this form of power in its rawest forms. In one religion in Ul-Zaorith, Chaos is given the name of the üllen, and is a form of torment to the souls of the dead to test their worth, consuming all the weak into its madness eternal.

Media: 9x9 canvas, acrylic paint (red, black, white, blue, yellow - all hues self-mixed), computer paper.

This piece will be on sale at the Art Show for $75. (If purchased with Lelix, deal price of $120. If the entire 5 set is purchased the deal price is $260)
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