Yaksha, guardian of chance. Picture

Name: Yaksha
Species: Mobian Nymph
Type: Magic
Affiliation: Neutral
Height: 10" (0.25 m)
Background: Part of a race of semi-divine creatures, rarely seen by Mobians. (think of Earth's fairies or leprechauns.) Her people are mischievous, and like to hoard precious stones and metals.

They have some magical ability; Yaksha is known as a guardian of Chance, she can bring luck to herself and others, but she can also bring misfortune.

Her powers are unpredictable, a spell cast to help an individual succeed at something might backfire and cause them to fail. For this reason she is sometimes reluctant to use her powers, especially for any specific need.

Personality: Mischievous and unpredictable, known for her love of practical jokes. She is usually a happy and friendly nymph, though she is sensitive about her unpredictable powers. If others mock her abilities she becomes spiteful and will attempt to curse them with misfortune. (but sometimes inadvertently brings them good luck!)
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