Deon the Maenad Picture

HEAVILY inspired by:… and the greek mythology of Dionysus.
I was rebooting more of my book, and I realized I needed to actually name/story one of them to some extent. I was craving the song, and while listening to it I was like "OH SHIT- I COULD DO THIS!" and then this happened.

Sketch ver: clementine-cauterize.deviantar…

Name: Deon
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire (Ancient Sub-species)
Height: 5.7
Weight: 135
Ethnicity: Unkown
Fav Food: Grapes, figs, pomegranites. (For drinks: Wine, ocean water, and animal blood)
Fav Hobby: Singing, humming, dancing, gardening, sex.
Fav Music: Indie
BFF<3: Miruna
Occupation: Servant
Birthday: Unknown
Fun Fact: Dispite being a vampire of ancient origin, she can't stand human blood. This is due to psychological reasonings rather then physical, making her rather weaker then most vampires. (The fact she kills any blood she drinks with ocean water dosen't help either.)

Though her story is not quite publicized, many of the ancient vampires know of Deon's past due to her eccentric nature. As a child, she was kept as a sex-slave to a cult that worshiped Dionysus, proclaiming he would end the world in a state of chaos. It is unknown how exactly she managed to escape, but after spending her entire youth in the cult she became obsessed with the Greek God, and proclaimed herself a Maenad for him(during questioning, she refused to acknowlage that the cult she had been prisoner to had also worshipped the God, and was stated by therapists that she will never recover due to her brain's instability). Upon her transformation, Deon changed her name to be based off of him, and even developed severe mental issues caused by her fragile body's sudden change. She developed a two-sided personality, one being that of a calm and peaceful girl who spent her time gardening her piece of Eden, and a maddened blood-thirsty, sex-crazed side that would often end up causing disturbances during Queen Miruna's ruling.
When 'calm', she will sometimes be incredibly on edge, screaming at anyone who gets too close, and sometimes when maddened, she will rip apart anything her hands can touch.
Being a special-needs vampire, most humans can easily break free from her grasp, but it has been brought to question if she is stable enough to continue serving Queen Miruna. In short-term gossip, it was rumored the only reason Miruna didn't execute Deon during the Great Purge, was due to their strange romance.
Fun fact: The scars on her wrists are from barbed wire, and the scars on her thighs are from metal bristle-brushes. Majority of the scars had healed over her ancient life, but even vampirism can't heal everything. Originally, the skin looked more like sinew due to how awful the scars used to be.
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