Origin Picture

Origin of Opposites Attract - When Noctu and Caelum Sol fell in Love.

It happened accidentally, but one moment, when Noctu's burning red eyes met Caelum Sol's soft dark ones, her stony heart was stolen as soon as his warmth was given to her. The world was on the brink of falling into chaos when Noctu left her perch in the night to be with Caelum Sol, in his radiant arms to love her. Noctu was the night and Caelum Sol was the day, but they fell in love when they weren't supposed to, tossing Terram, Caelum Sol's sister, into disorder.

But it couldn't be helped. They were in love.

All the names are taken from Latin words, i.e. nox, noctis means "night", hence the name Noctu, and "caelum" means sky and "sol" means sun, hence Caelum Sol, which means "Sun of the Sky".

Er, made up the story. I love the idea of "opposites attract", and I love those stories from Greek mythology that explain everything, so I combined the two.

My scanner was being retarded so I had to take a photo of it, and then edit it. I added the border in GIMP and made it darker, but none of the linework or coloring was done. This was done without lineart, only color on bare sketch, so it's a little sketchy. But I love it!
Colored with Prismas.
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