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I DID IT! A new page! Sorry I've been so busy! I'll make a bumper of pages over the holidays so it doesn't happen again.

Anubis is MAAAAD. That's because he is a very serious guy. SOULS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS. I often see people making Anubis into a scary badguy. To this I say "wrong-o." In Egypt, the god of death was not to be feared! They were afraid that their souls would become lost or evaporate upon death, so Anubis was looked at as a saviour- he rescued the pure souls and brought them to the safety of the next world.

Set is a naughty troublemaker guy. This is the second-to-last pencil page. The rest are in Copic marker. When I have compiled a book's worth I will go back and redo these, but right now my concern is plot, story flow, etc and I am going to get that feedback before I do any large-scale editing of already finished pages.

You are probably wondering where the title fits in with all this. Soon, my friends...
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