Lighting the Torch of Xeper Picture

see, i told you i wasn't dead... & i actually have been writing a lot - it's just that the wurds i've been working with of late haven't really been expressing themselves in a manner that's appropriate for poetry, or even scrambled free-form prose. most of the time it's just been, very simply, a mess of wurds that really wouldn't mean anything to anyone other than myself. but i was able to scavenge this from the junkyard of my personal writings - like everything else i've put to wurds lately, it's a bit complicated.

as you may or may not know (or care), i've long had an interest in alternative theologies (especially the controversial ones), as well as certain facets of philosophy, mythology & history. and you'd be amazed how interchangeable all those terms can be sometimes, just given a simple shift in perspective. one man's faith is another man's ghost story. such is the nature of dabbling in certain areas of knowledge... anyway, these wurds come from (and/or were inspired by) my reading on the various alternative forms of Satanism. if you don't know what Satanism really is, as opposed to the vilified fairy tales force-fed to you by the media & clergy, please piss off now because i'm sick of explaining to people how the Church of Satan doesn't believe in "the devil", "the antichrist" or any of that other christian nonsense. i am not a Satanist, of any sect, nor have i ever been, it's just a continuation of my interest in theology/philosophy/etc. and these wurds really could have gone in either the "spiritual" or the "philosophy" categories here, since all forms of Satanism are really as much (if not more) about philosophic views as they are about faith. this comes from outside the Church of Satan, like i said, this is inspired by other forms of Satanism, such as (in so specific order) the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, The Temple of Set, the Order of the Trapezoid, the Church of Darkness, Maledictum & numerous others... again, these are not my personal beliefs, tho i share a common view or 2 with any of these groups in some manner or another, i have absolutely no religious/spiritual affiliation other than to myself & my personal faith. i only inject a small portion of my personal beliefs into these wurds towards the very end. but for this little writing venture, i took the perspective of the MLO's "Black Dragon" (symbolizing the enlightenment, or "gnosis", of the inner anti-cosmic spirit force, or the "Black Flame"). it was an extremely fascinating & beneficial experience as a writer & tho what you see here is only a piece of my overall work on the subject, it's more than enough to convey what i'd like to express. the phrase "Torch of Xeper" is not used by any person(s) or group that i know of, it's just something i came up with to go along with everything else that was flowing from my pen at the time. for anyone who hasn't heard the term before, Xeper, or Kheper (both pronounced "khef-fer") is the English equivalent translation of an Egyptian hieroglyphic (a type of scarab, specifically) which means "to come into being" or "to become". in essence, "Xeper" is a powerful term/symbol proclaiming one's ultimate freedom & responsibility for the evolution of one's own self, spiritually as well as mentally. i know there are plenty of terms & names in here that you may not recognize or understand - tough shit. if it's really that much of a mystery to you, use an online encyclopedia or (g0ds forbid) read a fuckin' book...

about 75% of the time spent on the wurds you read here was taking my scribbled notes & vague, cryptic thots off the page & organizing it all here on my computer in a format that would be worth expressing. i just don't find myself writing in a "poetic" manner anymore, which, as you can see by my lack of written submissions lately, has made it a lot more difficult for me to get anything "finished", so to speak. i like to believe that none of my wurds are ever truly "finished", only born & waiting for any changes which may or may not come at a later time. so, yeah, that's my excuse for being a lazy fuck when it comes to my poetry & such... by the way, all spelling and/or grammatical "errors" in the poem, as well as this description, are 100% intentional, so if you leave me a comment telling me i "spelled [whatever] wrong", i'm going to feed your family to my dogs... so, as usual, my wurds say all i need them to say, now i need say no more about them. damn i talk/type too much... eh, whatever...


or, just the usual

"total fucking doom"

© Inferno Silver & the Jackals in Inferno Silver's head, who speak & exist on behalf of The Blessed Dead. all wurds, voices & visions © XLI Anno Satanas / 2006 Total Fucking Doom Creations - all rights taken, used & abused. Inferno Silver would like to gratefully acknowledge Dark Mother Ama Lilith, The Faceless Goddess, for her assistance with this project... and for not castrating me
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