the moon is down Picture

there ain’t no moon tonight
it’s hard for me to see
but if i can catch a glimpse of you
it helps me feel at ease
it helps me sleep

all my life i’ve watched you dance along
to music that i can’t hear
i ain’t equipped to hear those songs

-radical face, 'the moon is down'

so this is lua, one of the characters for this little mythology i’ve been writing that pops up on my blog occasionally. lua is the firstborn child of antares and aetas, and is the goddess of the moon. she was born early on, and thus once she was grown her parents left her on her own, because they still had a lot of things to create.

because of this, lua was often lonely, despite being the favoured child of her mother. but while her parents were away she had no one to keep her company. so chaos, hearing the child’s cries of loneliness so to speak, created a companion for her. the (so far unnamed) god of the sun. however, chaos had a cruel sense of humour when pairing the two, and kept them separated, but close enough to be able to see and communicate with each other. they try very hard to break this curse upon them, but to no avail. they endlessly chase each other.

the drawing is mine but the moon in the background is from an image on google.
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