The Revaldi Edgrassil WIP Picture


I'm working hard on this. Before you comment and say how effed up the tree is, I know it is. However, that part will be hidden from the player's view in game. And I assure you, when I'm not playing Modern Warfare 3 or Halo: Anniversary OR working, I will fix it. But for now, I have the outline done.

So I got the idea for Revaldi Edgrassil (Rev-all-dee Edge-rass-eel) came from reading Norse and Greek Mythology.

When the Grand Creator created the Pokemon world, he created a cosmic egg to end the loneliness of the new world. This egg hatched into two Pokemon, Ying and Yang, the Alpha and the Omega species of Pokemon. The Alpha was called "Arceus" and the Omega was called "Satarieus". Arceus desired to create a universe capable of evolution, while Satarieus only wanted to destroy it.

When Arceus did the "Creator's" task of creating Pokemon and Humans, it needed a place to store all the data in the case of disaster or elimination. All the data and memory of everything on the Pokemon Earth (which is actually a parallel universe to ours) is held in the Revaldi Edgrassil. To protect this, Hoursand (who in turn does Arceus' business while it sleeps) split the key to the "World's Edge" into 7 parts, each protected by a different guardian. Hoursand also took a crystal from the ruins and forged a Grimoire (a collection of ancient ruins) that contained the codes and magic required to create new universes. This book was protected by two legendary Pokemon, Jormunero and Proterra in the Revaldi Edgrassil. Proterra and Jormunero were nightmarish fiends that lived to destroy anything in their sight. This made them perfect guardians, but if they were released it would lead to widespread chaos.

The Revaldi was soon populated by a race of humans that evolved past their primitive counterparts and learned the secrets of the Edgrassil. They quickly mastered the strange mist that gave Pokemon their powers and began to create new species of Pokemon. They learned how to bridge gateways to other dimmensions, and soon the nine worlds of the Edgrassil were linked. These people began to call themselves the Novelva, or the Light Elves.

The Revaldi Edgrassil is essentially a labyrinth of different worlds within one master complex. There is a realm for each job the "City of the Novela" holds. There is a creation complex, a data storage complex, and a "sleeping" complex where Arceus is currently sleeping, a dungeon complex, and a gateway complex where the nine dimmensions of the Revaldi are linked. This is all done by "magic" (which is one of the more different things of Citrine) produced by the Creator's Tree, which stands above the whole complex. The Creator's Tree has a hollow center where the legendary city of Noverxus (Forgotten City of the Light Elves) is found.

At first, the Light Elves just carried on their duties and the guardians carried on theirs. Then one day Satarieus descended into the Revaldi Edgrassil and tempted the guardians. Satarieus promised them a world where they weren't just guardians. They would be free to roam the universe and destroy anything they wished. Tempted, the guardians handed the Creation Grimoire that they protected over to Satarieus. Satarieus created another dimmension he entitled "hell" and began collecting souls to make himself stronger.

Arceus awoke to a burning world being ripped apart by the Apocalyptic Serpent, Jormunero, and the Obliterating Prototype, Proterra. The skies went dark with smoke, and Satarieus collected almost all of the souls of the Creator's Universes. With them, Satarieus had evolved Jormunero and Proterra into demi-god demons that were stronger than any of the Creator's Creations. However, Satarieus now completely controlled their minds, and they served him like puppets. Arceus summoned Hoursand, and together they attempted to fight the Hands of the Omega, Proterra and Jormunero. They were quickly defeated, and forced to retreat into the Revaldi Edgrassil. It seemed like the end of the world was among them. However, the Light Elves desided that they had to save the world. They amounced their energy together and created another great cosmic egg. Arceus used it's power to breathe life into it and slipped into a great sleep, once again shattering it's great plates. Hoursand used it's powers to accelerate time and soon the egg hatched into a great dragon, which the Elves called Pandigurum. Pandigurum took flight and defeated the Hands of the Omega duo. Pandigurum had the Elves create a door to the tenth dimmension of Satarieus and the once faithful guardians were imprisoned with the Omega Pokemon. The Creation Grimoire was taken from the Omega and wiped clean: soon life started to sprout again and the Pokemon World began to progress. The Light Elves where scattered and diminished after creating the Cosmic Egg, nearly wiped out. They taught the history of the Edgrassil to select humans, who began to teach it to others. Thus the Vatican of Revaldi was created as a center of worship between the Great Priests of the whole Pokemon World.

The tree is one of the roots of the great tree Edgrassil. It is a holy icon in Lennetto.

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This tile was made by me, from scratch as proven by my wire frames on the top. Using this tile without permission (don't ask either) is art theft.

Why I submitted this? To show it off. I'm proud of everything but the tree tops. They are quiet hideous...
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