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Okay, because of a computer art class I am in I just learned a ton of things about photoshop. BACKGROUNDS. So the ones with no objects won't be while and dull. Markers are no good for that. Also, I have changed the god font to be more legible (it was bothering the hell out of me) and the human font (I was told comic sans is "an industry standard for what not to use") and I am pleased. Also, fine tuned the word balloon too at last, no more fuzzy balloons. I'm still learning, but this is my favorite page editing-wise so far. Also, ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GREETING OF MYSTERY.
Horus needs to stop looking like a parrot. What the hell. Set is the strangest of them all, the only one I have no reference for because he's made up, and yet he's the easiest to draw!
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