She Of Fire Picture

[Woah a piece of art from me that doesn't have a lick of green in it.]

This is Aedya, her name is a corruption on the Gaelic given name Áed meaning “fire”, or taken from the Irish Mythological god Aed. The name is masculine but I see fire as a much more feminine aspect, so I derived from it what I hope is a more female name.

She is one of the four elemental guardians, hers is a realm of fire and chaos.

"Altogether there were four guardians, each representing their own element. Phileas, born of earth, was the oldest and first born son of Cerunnos, his sister Aedya, guardian of fire and his one and only sibling was also born of the same deity. They shared nothing in common and were fierce and bitter rivals for most part, Phileas saw his sister as nothing more than a wild and unpredictable harlot who delighted in chaos and destruction. She of fire saw her older brother as pretentious and arrogant, who lacked the will to take real power, and Mother Nature quickly saw that for peace to be maintained they must be separated at birth. "
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