Loki Odinson Picture

Oh Film version of Loki you are perfect
Tom is perfection the man is Loki

And this is my version of Loki Odinson Comic book style.
As I have said before I want to make a new version of Thor, I have so many ideas so many characters designs, all based off the new version created in the Film version, but this time I wanted to go about creating characters with lots of depth and more geared towards Loki of the movies substance (thank you Tom Hiddleston you will forever be My Loki and the base now and inspiration source for the new one)
As seen above he looks like the movie version and that was done for a reason, and yes his hair is long like he appears in avengers because well that where the adventure with him in the 9 realms begins and the chaos starts so I wanted that.
I also wanted him young unlike in most the Marvel comics until the film Loki has been very later on in his life and very old looking (Don’t know why really)
I’m not very good at getting what I have in my head on paper and this is as close as I’m going to get to a dream sketch of the Loki in My storyboards, he’s not perfect.
In fact I’m still not pleased at all with him , one day when I get an artist who would love to work with me and is better than me at all things drawing I will look forward to stopping the abuse on my self-esteem
And just Write the stories and describes all that there is in them along with the characters to someone who enjoys putting puzzle pieces together with me into comics.
Alas until that day I can only imagine in my wildest dreams what it will be like to share my version of Thor with my friends and the world.
To express my great gratitude to those I look up to and admire who have kept me alive when I have for so long questioned my existence and still struggle with a sickness that threatens to consume me every time the darkness of my mind escapes its cage.

(blue pencil-black pencil-whiteout-blured some of the copy machine f ups and random color jumps sketches suck to scan)
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