Tiamat Picture

Tiamat: Babylonian name composed of the Sumerian elements ti "life," and ama "mother," hence "mother of life." In mythology, this is the name of a primeval sea dragon goddess, the embodiment of Chaos, and mother of the first gods.

Welllll I think I'm gonna start making my dragons into a series of drawings. I write several stories involving them, so I believe it's about time to start bringing them even more into creation.

Tiamat is a hatchling in this particular preview. I shall draw her growing up in different phases. Silverset, the other dragon I posted, will be modified and shown as her sire.

Program: Paint Tool Sai

Copyrighted to me. If you wish to use this in any way, contact me before hand and make sure you credit it correctly.

Hope you like it!
Happy Drawing!!

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