Niya's Awakening Picture

"...Niya's mother looked at her daughter curled in pain on the floor. the red welts on Niya's back told her everything. "its going to be fine Niya, the pain will be gone in a moment."
Niya gasped, the pain raced though out her body, the marks she had noticed only a few days beore burned, what was happening?
pain shoot though her again and her shoulder blades bent, wings opened up from her, aching her back consumed by pain nothing seemed stable under her around her...."

Niya the demi-goddess of chaos' 1st time openning her black wings, her powers come into play after this secen. and yea she has black wings.
she is part dark angel like her mother, and is what you could call a valkyrie in norse mythology.
-she is the 1st in thier wolrd in the story-
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