Chibi-Dump Number1 Picture

Installment #1.
I couldn't make a list, so I'm making a series. :3 Here are 12 of my OC's, dead/alive regardless.
A bit on each:

Rein is a vampire Elder infused with avian DNA. You cant really make out her wings in the pic, but...

Wand is a magician(No way!) who is kind of like a mage from WoW. He turns his enemies into animals and uses magic strikes.

Neriah is a child-vampire. She's two, but her physical age is about 15. She is the daughter of Toxic and Angel, but due to....embarrassing cirumstances, was adopted by Gaven LaGrave and Kallistiae. Kallistiae died in the War and Gaven was murdered in front of her, leaving her bitter and hungry for revenge.

Inspired by Milosh Black's OC, Milosh. She's a mistling with an obsession with gambling. She fights with playing cards infused with her power.

IS's Magic-girl. She's a loli-fan, daughter of Astral. She specializes in her medic abilities and has the power to create. She disliked physical confrontation, so will screw with your mind if she wishes to fight.

Vampire. Melody is his 'Human' so to speak. He's younger than Rein, a mere 800 years, but he has a strong sense of chivalry. Good luck getting him to hit a girl.

Major baddie with a fndness for shiny weapons. She loves cutting, and used Astral as a cutting board for some time in her own branch of the Labs. She's still alive, because I
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