Maru Spiral Picture

Name: Maru Spiral

Age: 18 human years

Species: Felimeles

Felimeles is an old and low class of Demons known for their use as slaves,pets and hunting abilities, common traits seen on the Felimele breed are blacked out eyes, sharpened canines, the ablility to shake thier own and other's bones and pointed ears, all Felimele have some form of leopard spots of their body although not in the same spot,Felimeles come from a very warm climate and roam naked, Males are mainly dominante and hunt , females also hunt although normaly stay in dens to breed and watch over cubs.
A Felimele pack consists of an Alpha male, that normally breeds with most and sometimes all the female members of a pack, Alpha is determaned by mele battles.
Beacause of the violant and ferosicity of the breed higher class Demons started to capture and train them as pets, slaves and hunters, now this is not to say the beed is stupid but actully totaly opposite however under developed in the knowleadge of the world.

if there are any questions about the species please feel free to ask

Primary Power: Bone crafting = able to generate weapons and armor from his skeletal structure. Also possessed a small healing factor so as not to leave holes from bone ripping through skin, enhanced strength and agility,

Secondary Power(s): hightened speed (not like the flash), stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses (ie. hearing, smell,sight.)

House: House of Chaos

History/Description: Maru is from an old and low class of Demons known for their use as slaves,pets and hunting abilities ,Maru was born in the wild and lived there for more his young life at the human age of 10 he and his mother and father where captured and sold as pets to a rich Demon family, while his mother was used as a maid he and his father where used like hunting dogs, 6 years later the house caught fire burning to the ground and killing Maro's mother, his father excaped trying to take Maro with him but Maro had other plans, he had seen the power his owners had once had and wished to learn more on how to progress in the world so he ransaked the remains of the house and sold what he could before he left to come to the Aracdium School in hopes of expanding his knowledge of the world and later move to a higer class in the Demon hierarchy, 2 days after entering the School Maru learned that his father had been re caught and beat into death.
(he is not a slave or pet just under educated and very animalistic)

Course List
High School

Weapons Training
Demonology and Dark Beasts
Mythology and Lore
Health and Sexual Education
Astronomy and Astrology

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