Welcome Picture

The world will end! I have done a background that is actually scenery! IT'S A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE!

Sphynx says "Welcome to the Labyrinth. In order to escape you must find and defeat the Minotaur." Well, technically he doesn't SAY it because he's mute. However, what his shirt says changes to show what he wants to say. So, through his shirt, he says that. From a story (not 'How To Be A Villain And Fail Miserably'
From another story I'm writing. Sphynx here is one of four characters I desgined after I made some masks one afternoon (after seeing a Cirque Du Soleil thing. They have the coolest costumes and the masks are just so detailed!). The other three are Owl, Seti-Sobek (the evil god, based off two Egyptian gods (Seti = god of chaos; Sobek = crocodile god)), and Isis Re-Harakhti (the good god, based off three Egyptian Gods (Isis = mother goddess; Re = creator god and god of the sun; Horus (Harakhti) = god of day and the sky)). Hopefully will have drawings of them up soon.
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