CSH - Important Staff Picture

Introducing (from left to right), Jim Abse, The Author and Irene Leighton.

Name: Jim Abse
Side: Center Side
Race: Human
Info: Jim Abse is the school's librarian as well as the informant. If there's anything you want to know, this is your man! He's also the uncle of Reis Abse, who works under him as a hacker. He's a really nice guy, but he seems to know more than he lets on...

Name: Unknown, referred to as The Author
Side: Center Side
Race: ???
Info: Not much is known about the Author, whom mostly appears as a shadow with eyes and a mouth. While the shadow seems to be feminine, the Author can change forms into ANYONE. She enjoys a good story, but she claims to prefer happy endings. Like Jim, she appears to know more than she says...

Name: Irene Leighton
Side: Center Side
Race: Human
Info: Irene Leighton is the Mythology Teacher. A few years ago, her sister and brother-in-law (Jesse and Trace's parents) died in an accident, and she volunteered to care for the two children. She is passionate about mythology, though she most enjoys Greek Myths, especially about the Primordial Gods. Because of this, it is said she has something to do with the Chaos Rain Event...

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