Tale: Final Design Picture


Yep, one more Tale design. I'm very happy with this. I couldn't draw legs while I was sketching, for some reason, so you get this X3 Used a brush for the leaves and it looks nice, but I'll probably have to draw them all out next time I draw her if I want more variety :3


Age: ???
Height: 6'
Occupation: Forest Guardian
Skills: Agile, fast, quick thinker, acrobatic, Light magic(healing included), Earth magic, Water magic.
Weaknesses: Shadows(being near strong ones can make her feel sick and/or weak)/Shadow magic, hand-to-hand combat, Fire/Fire magic.
Forbidden Skill: Ability to drain the life energy of a living organism and give it to a dead organism, bringing it back to life.
- Can be used in small amounts. Ex: To heal deep wounds or to give a small creature, such as a fairy, life.
- Taking away the full life force of an organism such as a human(Zora/Goron/etc.) or animal is strictly forbidden and punishable.


Though Farore created all life, she longed for a child of her own, one that would understand her ways and deep love for nature and life, but this child would have to be on the same level as Farore and her sisters to live together with them. She went to Din and Nayru and asked them if she could make this being, but the rejected the idea, saying that another being should not be that powerful, it would throw off the Balance. With a heavy heart, Farore complied with their wishes, but her desire for a child kept growing.
She decided she would create her child and hide it from her sisters, so she went to down to the planet and began to mold it out of a large, sturdy tree, knowing her sisters wouldn't know until it was too late if she created her child this way. She worked on it for many days, sculpting little by little, keeping her power as hidden as possible, until one day she was finished. She had created her perfect, beautiful daughter, Tale. With a kiss on her lips from her mother, Tale was brought to life.
The surge of new power that Tale brought with her alerted Din and Nayru to what her sister had done. They soon found Farore on the planet with Tale clinging to her leg like a frightened child, not even able to walk yet. Din and Nayru immediately demanded that Tale be destroyed, but Farore told them that if such a powerful being was destroyed outright, the Balance would be thrown off and chaos would ensue. Knowing she was right, the three sisters compromised. They took away much of Tale's power, making her on the level of other light spirits that roamed the planet's surface. The power they took they slowly used to create several other beings. She could not be with them, but she was allowed to live on the planet as a Guardian, to protect the forests, the many creatures that live within them, to keep peace between the spirits that reside there, and to help keep the Balance of nature.

Tale is generally kind and motherly towards all living beings. However, over all the many years she's lived, she's become wary and suspicious of mortals. She respects and cares for all life, but understands that sometimes life must be taken for others to survive(like people killing animals for food). She'll become very territorial and possibly hostile if she feels her home, the things she protects, or she herself is being threatened. She's very knowledgeable of the things nature and the things of the Spirits.

Tale hasn't spent a lot of time around mortals, so she's quite oblivious to, and curious of, their ways. The few mortals she does meet are usually lost and many frightened of her. She helps them find their way and usually learns something from them, if their not dangerous. She likes to have fun and usually spends days playing with fairies, Skullkids(the non-violent onesX3), and any other manner of pleasant forest dwellers. Her curiosity of the mortal world usually has her sneaking around towns, usually at festivals, and watching the townsfolk go about their lives. She can be very naive at times and wise at others, depends on the subject.

Other Info
- When Tale was first created, she didn't have any parts that were wooden, but when the Goddesses took a lot of her power away, some of her started to revert.
- Her left leg, from her foot to just above her knee, is wooden as well
- Many different plants grow in Tale's hair. What kind usually depends on the season
- The thing Tale wears on her bottom half has the loin cloth part in the front, which reaches to her knees, and underneath that is another piece of cloth that goes between her legs and attaches in the back, like a sort of underwear(will draw later)

- Doesn't like being seen by mortals on their territory because they have come after her before. Will flee if seen.
- Is very afraid of fire.
- Doesn't speak properly[Ex: "You drop it back there? Stay. I will get for you."]
- Doesn't eat meat of any kind
- Loves Apples
- Though she lives in forests, she does like to keep clean. Will bathe somewhere at least once a week

More info may come
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