God of Fire Picture

I AM the Goddess of Hellfire! And I bring you...fire!

No, wait. Seriously, here we continue on with the "mythological" theme with a picture of Loki, from Norse mythology. He's one of my favourite myth characters of all time and I've drawn him several different ways, since I can't really settle on just one "look" for him. (Then again, he's a shape-shifter, so my indecision is actually kind of _appropriate_. In this picture, which I did in perfectly ordinary Crayola coloured pencils by bearing down really hard for the deeper colours, I've decided to emphasise the "fire" part of his official title. The shirt's design I got from the cover picture of an old Choose Your Own Adventure book, "The Trumpet of Terror" (which took place inside the world of Norse mythology), so that's where the idea for the weird double-neckline thing came from.
I like the way the texture of the shirt came out, even if his hand is a bit funky. And the hair is SUPPOSED to be that big. It symbolises both billowing flames and chaos, unrestraint, wildness, at the same time. Well, that was the idea anyway.
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