Mythology- Fake Weapons Picture

The spear of Lúg: It is a weapon of Irish mythology. It seems that he never missed a target and also perfect for Egyptian enchantments. Used by Lucrezia Germani.

The curved sword forged in the river Phlegethon: A weapon from nether that can grow or shrink touch of a button. Used by Basel Al Shareni.

The curved stick for Egyptian Spels: Useful when you have to fight against the wizards of Casa Della Vita and much less useful when the forces of nature are unleashed. Used by Alix Ardenne.

The sword of Núada: Another weapon from the Irish mythology. It was believed lost in a field of battle, but there it is. Used By Tommaso Germani.

The bow and the arrows forged by the Giants Of Fire: Only the perfect aim and the powers of chaos can make these powerful weapons, but better not throw them against a deity. Used by Andrew Bryhn.
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