TUFF Orochi Picture

Now, it's time to introduce a new baddie: the Orochi!

Residing in Fuedal Japan, when the samurai were the most badass dudes around, the Orochi was a constant threat all over the land. Because of his dangerous nature, he was sealed away in Mt. Fuji, never to cause chaos and destruction again.

But then, he was re-awakened by two evil forces: General Guar and Uka Uka. General Guar re-awakened him to power up Snaptrap's latest weapon against Team Katswell. Uka Uka re-awakened him to split up Kitty's other team, Team Flux, so he can raid the Institute of Future Technologies of theit time travel equipment.

Orochi houses the powers of the elements: plant, metal, ice, fire, water, wind, lightning, and earth. He is a forced that should not be taken likely.

In other words, we are so screwed.
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