Throne of the Sun Picture

Second in the series highlighting my goddesses, is Rahjeera, goddess of the sun. A fiery personality, she has been known to cause havoc and threaten the balance of the world itself before, killing the former goddess queen and plunging the pantheon into chaos. Her personality matches her fiery abilities. Her temper is hot. The younger sister of Osaira, Rahjeera is quick to anger and quicker to violence. She is cruel and callous to those she deems beneath her (who are quite a lot of people), loving to toy and tease and degrade them. She also has an intense jealousy toward her older sister for the love and admiration she receives from her fans, and while no longer willing to enslave her permanently, will still try to embarrass or humiliate Osaira any opportunity she can.

Her head priest is Zeraph. He was a legendary mortal warrior from centuries past who attempted to murder the sun goddess. He nearly defeated her in a grand battle, but lost his sight to her Solar Flare and succumbed. Despite his actions, Rahjeera found admiration for the weathered mountain-man warrior, and granted him a chance to redeem himself, becoming her head priest. With his position, Zeraph gains the ability to manipulate heat to form illusions on his opponents, like a mirage in the desert, and also to see in a sort of infrared. His fighting skills and strength are still legendary, wielding a giant double ended sun axe which he can also super heat to scorch his opponents.
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