Ares the Dragoness Picture

I got the idea for this character after reading Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, which revolves around Greek Mythology and how they connect to the real world. Ares is the goddess of chaos and war.

This Ares is going to be slightly different. She knows the main antagonist of my new fan fic, but she is not going to be the main one.

Ares used to be a servant to a royal family until she started making up outrageous stories about her walks in the forest and the trees coming to life and trying to kill her, or voices in her head. Everyone including her friend Princess thought she had gone insane, and had no choice but to banish Ares from the kingdom. Ares was devastated by this, but didn't want to get in more trouble than she was already in. She ran as far away from the castle as she possibly can. Three weeks after that is when the castle was destroyed in a hurricane, which only Princess survived.

Ares often got into a lot of mischief, and is a master of manipulation. For the most part, she uses this ability for good, and not selfish purposes. Then one day her life was turned upside-down. She began to lose herself to her deepest darkest desires. Many think that it's because she thinks her best friend is dead that sent her over the edge. They will be reunited, but I don't know where as I haven't thought that far ahead yet. When Ares sees Princess's smiling face again, she will lose all fear and rage.

That's all I'm going to reveal for now. Let me know if there are some things to this character that you would like me to add.

EDIT: I know know that Ares is a GOD, and not a GODDESS! That was just poor planning on my part
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