An Impish Duo Picture

Two devious tricksters...two prank-playing imps...two unstoppable forces of mischief who just so happen to be the exact same entity.

Presenting Cartoonicus Phantasmagoria, past and present! On the left is my "Oneiroia: Prime" incarnation, OPN, and on the right is my persona in "New Oneiroia", Jamal S. Jackson. OPN is a blast from the past. He is the version of myself that existed in the Oneiroia which lived before its tragic demise, but because I so greatly fancy my old form and persona I cannot bring myself to allow my previous incarnation to fade away entirely, so in the tales of "New Oneiroia" OPN often appears as a phantasmal doppelganger; an outward manifestation of my innermost trickster.

His initial appearance is the result of wayward magick which causes my innermost trickster to manifest outside of my mind as an astral projection, but as the series progresses I master the ability to summon OPN from out of my subconscious at will, and often we team up to spread mischief and chaos around Oneiroia whenever I do. Because we're basically the same being we tend to make a good team; except when there's something we both Adilia's attention; then we wind up battling each other in a cartoonish battle of wits and pranks.

Damn! My stories are such a mental mind-fuck! Freud would have a field day just trying to rationalize half the crazy crap that comes out of my head.
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