Chaos Picture

Chaos, a new original character of mine. She has a mate, too, and I might draw him and post him later. His name is Sin.

Anyway, about Chaos. She is everything good in the world. All the good deeds, good thoughts, nice days, etc. She is also all the bad or evil in the world. All the seven deadly sins, the murders, the stormy days, etc. Anything that could be considered good or bad, she is.

She also has a second job that is pretty much identical to that of Death's. (The Grim Reaper, whatever you wanna call him.)

She's the first being to come about, so technically speaking she's as old as the universe.

The story she's going to show up in is kind of a mythology kind of thing only my style. :>

I can't believe I forgot something like that. I forgot her horn and her ears. Sorry they suck... D: >

One other thing I forgot, she's blind.
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